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Executive Coaching

In the current environment, when personal performance and personal effectiveness are increasingly under scrutiny, more and more senior managers and executives in business are seeking the help of personal advisors in the form of Coaches or Mentors.

In the world of sport having a coach and a team of advisors is commonplace. Take the case of tennis player, Andy Murray. Despite being the most successful British tennis player for over fifty years, he knew he could do better and sought the help of several different coaches and advisors to develop his game through its various stages. Although he had reached number four in the world he still knew there was something missing which would stop him reaching his ultimate goal, winning Wimbledon. Eventually, he found what he needed and hired Ivan Lendl and now with two grand slams and an Olympic gold medal, his place in history is secure. Many say that whilst Lendl obviously helped Murray with the physical skills of the game, it was his coaching and approach on the mental side that made the real difference.

In business, people may not be looking to secure a place in history, but may be they do want to be better at what they do, may be they do want to go one step further and gain promotion to the next level. Employing a personal coach or advisor can help fulfil those ambitions. Having an independent coach clears the way for frank and open discussions about career development, performance enhancement and achieving the holy grail of work/life balance.

In addition, an Executive Coach will also help the individual develop their personal profile, learn more about themselves and create a much a higher level of self-awareness as well as an awareness of those around them. They can also assist with stress management in times of change or conflict.

Whilst an individual will, of course, benefit from a coaching programme, there will also be major advantages for the employer. Providing an Executive Coach to an employee will enhance their performance and make that person feel valued. They will often also show greater commitment to go that extra mile when needed. Another benefit that is commonly seen is in improved management style, where the increased levels of awareness ehances working relationships.

Executive Coaching is regularly chosen as an effective tool to help individuals in management, leadership or senior positions, to develop a mental strength to be able to respond to the ever-increasing demands of their role. One of the key skills of a good coach is to help the individual to discover the process and ability to find the solutions for themselves.

Using the well established GROW model of coaching, a typical course would comprise:

~ Psychometric Profiling to create self-awareness and awareness of others

~ A series of regular one to one sessions to discuss objectives, motivation and behaviours.

~ The creation of a Development Plan for the way forward

~ All discussions are totally confidential

All programmes are designed to meet an individual’s specific needs.

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